Appliance Repair Tips

Refrigerator & Dishwasher Repair

Helpful Hint of the month:

What to do before calling for repairs if your appliance is dead or your dryers not heating.

If your appliance shows no sign of life, no humming, no lights, and no reaction of any kind … Check for power to the appliance. Unplug the appliance and plug in your hair blower, if the blower doesn’t work, then you have no power to your appliance. No power usually means a tripped circuit breaker. Find the proper breaker switch in your circuit breaker box (box is usually located next to the electric meter or in the garage) and turn it off and then on. Don’t just look at it, that is a common mistake … turn it off, then on, always. You are not out of the woods yet; something caused the breaker to trip. If the breaker continues to trip you will need to call for service.

Electric dryers are another story, most people don’t have another 220 volt appliance to plug in for a test. Unless you are handy with a volt meter, all you can do is turn the two (yes, two) circuit breakers off, then on, as mentioned before. The other thing about electric dryers is the motor runs off one of the two breakers and the heating element runs off both breakers. It is possible to have the motor running but no heat when one of the breakers is tripped. So, if you are not getting heat switch both breakers off, then on.

If your appliance is plugged into a “Green Plug” (if you don’t know what that is, odds are you don’t have one) then remove the Green Plug and throw it away, plug directly into the outlet. Green Plugs are not for modern appliances.

Some major appliances are not to be connected to GFI protected circuits, your owner’s manual is the best place to look for this information. In those cases removal of the GFI or plugging in elsewhere may solve the problem.